Our Warranty

12 Month Warranty

All our slippers also come with a free, no-hassle one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.  If your Wild & Wol slippers have a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace your slippers at no cost to you, as long as a proof of purchase and a clear photo of the defective slippers showing visible defects are emailed to us within 12 months of the original order date. Please see our Refund Policy for more details.

If a replacement is not available, we may offer another similar style product of the same value.

6 Month Warranty

All Tiny Tots Range products and Accessory products come with a free 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

What you get for your 12 Month Warranty

  • One free repair or replacement of your slippers in the case of a manufacturing defect at no additional cost within a 12 month period after purchase.
  • Additional shipping fees will be charged to customers who reside outside of South Africa, even if their slippers are still under warranty.
  • We also offer repair services on all our slippers for damages not covered by the warranty. Check our Repair page for more information.

Please Note The Following Exceptions to our Slippers' Warranty

The limited warranty does not cover size changes, scratches or damage incurred due to misuse, abnormal environmental conditions, exposure to harsh chemicals, negligence, use contrary to care instructions or loss of the slippers. 

We will sort you out to the best of our abilities in the event that your slippers break, become damaged or defective as a direct and exclusive result of manufacturing defect(s). We are here to help and give you an awesome customer experience.

If we suspect that you are abusing the rights granted to you under the limited warranty or otherwise making a false claim of defect, we reserve the right to void your warranty.

For any queries or exchanges please email info@wildenwol.com.

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  • Repairs

    We also offer repair services on all our slippers, for damages not covered by the warranty. Check our Repairs page for more information

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  • Returns & Exchanges

    If you wish to return your Wild & Wol product, you can log a return at info@wildenwol.com.

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