About Us

In April 2021, 28-year-old Michelle Hills decided to leave teaching behind for good and employ her creative talents to start Wild & Wol in partnership with chartered accountant, Johan Loubser, and her mechanical engineer husband, Michael. The vision was to design and manufacture high-quality sheepskin slippers – with a twist.
Better Design 
Every aspect of commercial sheepskin slippers was inspected for possible improvements until the gap in the market became clear – genuine leather and super fluffy sheepskin slippers that would last several seasons without falling apart at the seams. But stopping at the mere practical seemed asinine, and so the idea was embellished with a unique South African export–game skin.
Thus began the research and development of a slipper that would meet all the strenuous demands of working-from-home, in-your-pajamas-until-five, spilling-coffee-on-your-shoes customers. 
Scarcity of Sheepskin
The first hurdle was the acquisition of sheepskin. For a country that likes their braai chops, South Africa has very low supply of tanned sheepskin. It was decided to import top-quality Merino sheepskins and cover them with Cape Buffalo leather and Springbok skins.
This application would naturally strengthen the outer part of the slipper (no toes peeking through the front here), while adding a sexy flair to the whole idea of comfort buying.

Where is the Sole?
The second issue was the sole. Inflexible foam soles that skid on every drop of spilled milk in the kitchen and wake up the whole house when you walk down the stairs was a particular peeve for the designers. White EVA rubber soles were subsequently imported to fill the desired gap and provide greater flexibility and grip, while also being extremely lightweight and pleasing to the eye.

Need Some Back-Up?
The last serious issue was to maintain the shape of a slipper that would be subjected to feet hastily shoved in halfway (we know you’ve done it too). Thus, the heel was reinforced with a polypropylene insert neatly hidden under a good-looking suede patch on the back of the slipper.
Talk about two (-tone) birds…

Today, our product range has enlarged to include kids’ shoes and sheepskin slippers made from genuine leather in fun colours, buffalo leather toiletry and make-up bags, and our premium Duchess Range made from metallic bovine leathers. Our commitment to unique design and exceptional quality is applied to all our product development, and we are excited to see what our design team will come up with next!