Care & Cleaning

How to clean your sheepskin slippers
  • We do not recommend that you machine wash your Wild & Wol slippers. 
  • To clean the outside, simply wipe with a damp, cotton cloth and apply hide food to the leather covering. For Springbok slippers, apply a hide protection spray. 
  • For more stubborn stains, lightly brush the cover with a soft-bristled brush before treating it. 
  • To clean the sheepskin, you can use a brush to remove dry dirt.
  • If you would like to freshen up your sheepskin, lightly spray a mixture of water and tea tree oil into the slipper and allow it to dry completely in a shaded area. 
  • The soles can be cleaned with soap and water using a cloth or a brush.
  • Repairs

    We also offer repair services on all our slippers, for damages not covered by the warranty. Check our Repairs page for more information

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  • Returns & Exchanges

    If you wish to return your Wild & Wol product, you can log a return at

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